Friday, August 3, 2012

Spelling can be fun!

Remember the hours you spent writing your words three times each? Crazy talk! C-R-A-Z-Y!

Let's not do this to ourselves or our children, unless of course you and your children enjoy it. In which case, please continue.

Both of my kids hate writing their words to practice spelling. Both of my kids love to fidget with things and rummage and sort. So why not let them fidget to their hearts' content, in a way that is productive?

One great way to practice spelling is with cut-out letters. Recently, I've discovered I really love to save cardboard boxes to cut out letters. Okay, that part is a fib. I don't really love it. But I do love having a container full of letters for the boys to use to practice spelling words. Also, actively searching for the right letter helps keep them focused on actually spelling the word. I think it helps with retention.

Another idea is to use magnetic tape and a Sharpie. Write the alphabet a million or ten times and then cut between the letters. Add one cheapie cookie sheet from Dollar Tree, and you have hours of spelling fun.

One option is to set your letters to music. "Happy Birthday" and "London Bridge" make great spelling tunes. If it worked for Bingo, it will work for any word! In fact, my youngest son learned to spell his name through a song.

Into stretching and yoga? I'm not either. But someone who is into it could definitely make alphabet shapes to practice spelling. (YMCA comes to mind!)

If you are the kind of parent who doesn't mind messes, shaving cream and a cookie sheet provide a great opportunity to practice spelling as well. Have your child write the words with his or her finger in the shaving cream.

If you have an artist, have them draw a picture of the word they are spelling. Then they can write the word below the picture. 

What about creating a Boggle board? To practice specific spelling words, you would need to plan this one pretty carefully. Boggle is a great way to improve general reading fluency.

I made mine by taking 65 index cards. I wrote one letter on each card. I went through the alphabet once, then made three more of each vowel. Then I just randomly made other consonants. Depending on the skill level of your reader, you can make the board any size. Once the Boggle cards are made, they can be used for spelling practice also!

There are so many alternatives to writing words three times each. How do you practice? Leave me a comment!

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