Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you give a mouse a cookie....he'll probably take a month to blog about it

Hey there!

So I know I promised a blog about the cute activity we did for "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" months ago. Years ago. I don't know. It's all a blur. :) We've been super busy this summer. We've been blessed to be able to babysit for a couple of families. The kids and I have spent an unreasonable amount of time at the pool, and we've even made a few trips to our favorite park.

But back to the learning. This is a serious, education-focused blog. We only talk about homeschooling here, folks! ( But I'm pretty sure all that other stuff we've done counts as "schooling.")

One of the state standards for Language Arts is being able to retell a story. I love this story, so to me, it seemed natural to choose this book. This activity requires quite a bit of prep time, but it's a pretty lengthy activity. The activity portion took about an hour for four children.

Materials Needed:

Construction paper in assorted colors
Pencil or pen
Small square of aluminum foil

Basically, I went through the book and created paper cut-outs of each item requested in the story. I made scissors, tape, a straw, a glass of milk, a napkin, etc.

The broom, bed and pillow, and mirror I left separated, for the kids to glue together.

I read the story to the kids, without explaining what they needed to do.

Then we began making our pieces of the story. Most of the pieces needed to have something done to them. For example, I had the kids write "Book" on the cover. For the pen, I had them write "Blue" and for the crayon, they wrote "Red." We made each piece in the order it is found in the book.

Once the pieces were completed, I read the story again. This time, I had the kids show each piece of the story as it appeared.

Finally, I had each child retell the story, using the manipulatives they had made.

Anthony got his pieces out recently and retold the story to me again. He did a great job. This was an activity that the kids enjoyed, and Jerimiah created his own manipulatives for "If You Give A Moose A Muffin." He then led the kids in a similar activity. This was completely unprompted by me.

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