Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plan for the week

I thought I'd share our lesson plan for the week. Now that we've settled into a routine for our school time, I'm able to better plan out what we are doing on each day. I have a much more realistic idea of what we will be able to accomplish before brain overload kicks in.

Literature: "Little House in the Big Woods"- I know it's probably not a masterpiece of literature, but the kids are obsessed with "Little House on the Prairie" on TV. I read aloud to them, usually two chapters. The plan is to read the entire "Little House" series. Then we will move onto something else.

Bible study- "What Would Jesus Do" and memory verse "E" Psalm 55:17. "What Would Jesus Do" is a fun little story that gives life examples as well as a section of the Bible to read. I usually use my YouVersion app (the best app ever) and play the section of Bible we are studying. We discuss the section, apply it to the story, and try to apply it to current events in our lives. This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Grammar- One worksheet page (usually) per child. On a day where we have a lot of writing planned, I give them a pass on grammar. We usually spend about 15 minutes on this.

Math- One lesson or review. We use Singapore math. Depending on how much review is needed, we can spend up to 45 minutes on this. I try not to exceed 30 minutes for math. We also include skip counting, mental math, math facts, or logic problems.

Game of some type: We do Boggle, Word War (a game Jerimiah made up), math flash cards, or some sort of memory game. The goal is to get them thinking about what they've learned in a different way.

BREAK TIME!!!! We've discovered if we don't take a break, things go downhill pretty quickly. We take breaks at work, why not at school? On most days, we watch "Wild Kratts" on PBS and have lunch. Sometimes, though, we run errands in the morning before school. In that case, they watch some fully non-educational show and have a snack.

After break we begin our science or social studies lesson for the day.

Monday: Social Studies

We are continuing our study of the 13 colonies. Primarily, we've been using this book, which is an excellent overview of the 13 colonies. Last week, we studied Jamestown pretty thoroughly, and we began studying the Puritans.

Voyage on the Mayflower

First person videos

A variation on this Mayflower Book activity

Tuesday: Weather- Clouds

Weather Wiz Kids- This is an amazing site with information and activities about all types of weather.

A variation on this flipbook

This cloud video

This cloud experiment

Wednesday: Social Studies

Continue reading our book

Draw and label plantations

Create silhouettes- Silhouettes were popular and affordable during Colonial times.

Explore Colonial Kids

Thursday: Science- Rain and Floods

Rain and Floods

Air pressure experiment

Friday- Social Studies

Finish our book

Explore Colonial Williamsburg

Label the colonies on our U.S. Map

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