Saturday, September 29, 2012

Origami masters we are not

The kids are outside playing after a week of illness. Let me tell you, Mom and kids are both glad that the coughing is over and the weather is beautiful. Saturday is their day to run around with friends and have all the unstructured time they need.  It gives me the unstructured time I need too!

We had a ton of fun this week studying Japan. We learned so much! The kids really liked writing haiku, and they also enjoyed the games on Kids Web Japan. In fact, they chose those games over the ones on Cartoon Network's site. Definitely worth checking out! Dogku and If Not for the Cat were a big hit. We reread Basho and the River Stones again as well. Anthony really enjoyed it.

Our study of origami was a great way for my husband to get involved in school this week too. We learned how to make a square out of a rectangular piece of paper, and then we followed the directions on the web site to make dogs and cups.

It's a good thing we weren't relying on those cups for water! The kids had a great time though. Origami led to a fascination with folding paper which led guessed it! Paper airplanes. I think we have about a thousand paper airplanes around the house, including The Big One. I will try to get a picture of it. It's made of about 5 pieces of paper, glued together. It's a big deal. :) Jerimiah checked out a huge book all about paper airplanes from the library. I don't think this is just a passing fancy.

How was your week?

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