Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kicking off the Summer!

Public school ends in my town on Wednesday. The boys are super excited! We have taken to saying, "School is out for the next 15 months in our house!" The kids get a big kick out of that. Since our homeschooling adventure is, for now, a one-year trial, 15 months seems reasonable, right?

We plan to fill up this summer with fun and learning. Our first plan is to get moved into our new apartment. Moving is so fun. (Or not so much.) We will need to determine how and where we will do our homeschooling activities.

We will be participating in the Hendersonville Library's Summer Reading Program. Nothing gets my guys more motivated than a good dose of incentives.

We also plan to work on our Jr Ranger certifications at the state parks near us. We love to be outdoors, even though I'm pretty sure the temperature hits roughly seven million degrees here.

Warm temperatures mean we get to go swimming! Swimming is a family favorite as well, and what a great way to get some exercise.

We are also hoping to go to to the Discover Center. Anthony went for his field trip this year and had a great time. Jerimiah has been hoping to visit Old Hickory Lock and Dam as well. This link takes you on a "virtual field trip."

What do you have planned for your summer? Any great learning activities I should add to the agenda?

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