Monday, June 18, 2012

Place Value Flipbook

Teaching place value is done throughout many grades. Initially, kids learn about ones, tens, hundreds, and so on until they master large numbers. Later, kids learn about decimals, and place value is learned again. Having a hands-on approach to numbers is always great.

This website offers a great starting point for a manipulative to help reinforce place value. I modified it slightly, so that I could use this tool with both of my boys. All it took was adding a decimal card to the others.


14 sheets of construction paper (7 colors)
cardboard (I used a flap from a box)
small amount of yarn
black marker
hole punch


1. Cut each piece of construction paper in half. One half will be set aside.

2. Cut each remaining half into halves.

3. Cut each of those into halves. You should have a total of 12 cards for each color.

4. On each card, write one number (0-9) and a decimal point. Complete for each color. You will have one card extra in each color.

5. Order the cards from decimal point to 9.

6. Punch two holes in the top of each card.

7. Place the cards on your cardboard, and mark with the marker where each hole is. Punch each hole into the cardboard.

8. String yarn through cards and through the cardboard. Tie and push knot to the back of the cardboard. Complete for each card.

9. You should have a total of seven cards, fourteen holes, and fourteen pieces of yarn. :)

The activities with this are endless. For my youngest, I had him flip to each number I called. Then I asked him which color had tens, ones, hundreds, etc. For my oldest, I had him flip to numbers, some including decimals. He also had to show ones, tenths, hundredths, etc.

The kids enjoyed this activity. For now, it's a review, but it will definitely be used again, especially when we work with addition and subtraction (with and without decimals).

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