Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking for maps?

Check out this site which has tons of free maps. There are lots of different styles to choose from! I plan to use them for our habitats unit, for our history lessons, and for our Tennessee lesson. I found a great idea for a state brochure from another blogger on Pinterest. This is something that both boys can complete, and it has the added benefit of something they can research together. This will be a good opportunity to introduce Jerimiah to desktop publishing, I think.

 This picture is from the blog I linked you to. It's a great blog with a lot of exciting ideas.

Something I've learned recently is that homeschoolers are generous, loving people. One of my son's Sunday School teacher is also a homeschooler, and she so very generously gave me a BUNCH of materials to use. One book I'm especially excited about is "The Landmark History of the American People" bu Daniel J Boorstin with Ruth F Boorstin. It covers everything from Plymouth to the Moon Landing. What a great book for us to use this year. I had been looking for a book to lead us through American history, and this one is great! I am so lucky to meet such great people. I love how God puts us in each others' lives to do His work.

I started babysitting this summer as well, so that I could contribute some extra income to the family. I have a post I'm working on with a project we all did the other day. Fans of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" will enjoy this one!

We've been cooped up inside because of the insane heat. It's currently 107 degrees. Nope, that's not the heat index. I feel like I've been dropped into Arizona or something.

Stay cool!

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