Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making butter and the Revolutionary War

I thought I might break some of the giant, week-long learning posts into shorter ones. I hope this format is easier to read, and I know it will be easier to write!

Yesterday, we learned about birds by visiting Mr. Nussbaum's site Bird Anatomy. We also visited Learning Games for Kids and watched several videos there. My favorite part though, was learning about birds from DK Eyewitness Books BIRD. I love, love, love this series of books. Every one we have read has given us tons of information in bite-sized, easy to follow pieces.

Today, we start our study of the Revolutionary War. We kicked off with making butter. I realize, butter is not synonymous with Revolutionary War, but it was an activity that was done during that time. Plus, we've read about it in the Little House series. I also thought it would be fun, and since I'm the boss, I won! (It's good to be the boss.)

 Mom, you're seriously taking pictures of this? Seriously? And yes, that is a pickle jar. 

 I'm pretending you aren't taking my picture.

 Butter making MACHINE! :)

 I'll smile, Mom, I'll smile. I know you want people to think we have fun at school. 

 The finished product

 Another shot of the finished product.  I was really proud.

 The taste test. Jerimiah was pretending to be in a commercial. I love that kid.

For some reason, I always have a hard time getting shots of Anthony that are in-focus. Must be because he never sits still!

We are also checking out Social Studies for Kids and more Mr. Nussbaum. We are studying the "Acts" and the Boston Massacre today. We will also learn about Crispus Attucks from this book. It's the bilingual edition, which is fun to look at, though the Spanish is meaningless for now. 

What's going on in your classroom?

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