Monday, December 17, 2012

Good News!

We have been blessed with great news! The husband got a job! Not only is it a job...but it's the job that answers our prayers. All of them.

Why is it that we doubt God can give us the answer to all of our prayers? This is the God that made the universe, yet we fear that He can't answer a prayer like a new job request. Is it the fear that we are not worthy of His care and concern? Are we afraid of disappointment? Does the enemy instill that fear and doubt? I don't know the answer, but I do know that God answers prayers.

Before my husband lost his job, he was looking for a new one. He was unhappy with business practices, and he was concerned that these practices were making the company unstable. But it took losing that job to have him consider really looking into another field. We've wanted him to get out of restaurant work for a long time. We've prayed for a job with normal, steady hours, a job that challenged him, and a job that meets our financial needs. We prayed he would find a job that allowed us to keep homeschooling, not have to move, and didn't require him to leave town over the holidays for training. Since we've joined our church, we've hoped to join a life group. We couldn't because of my husband's work schedule. We've dreamed of having a "normal" life, one that doesn't revolve around the capricious demands of the restaurant industry.

Guess what? God is big enough to handle ALL of those prayers, wishes, and dreams. The same God that devised a plan to save us from ourselves cares enough to answer our prayers. I am awed and humbled by that. He loves us that much.

Did He answer us right away? No, He followed His time. But I see clearly that His plans for us were to amaze, astound, delight, and provide for us. He gave abundantly. We would have been happy with just a few of those prayers granted. We would have settled, and been thankful and joyful. But God had bigger plans for us.

And I am so grateful.

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