Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding the Parallels

In math, Jerimiah is studying parallel and perpendicular lines. He's not really struggling with the concept, but he did need some reinforcement. He's also learning about properties of shapes like rectangles and squares.

I always think that songs are a good way to go...especially for frazzled moms. YouTube came through for me, and we watched these songs, plus some Schoolhouse Rock.

Square Song

The Dance of the Parallel Lines Purely for entertainment purposes

Schoolhouse Rock- Counting by Fives- Completely unrelated for what Jerimiah is learning, but good for Anthony

Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication- Fun one!

After all that high-brow entertainment, we did some serious work by going outside and looking for parallel and perpendicular lines. It was rough, let me tell you. We had to endure beautiful sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's. Pure torture!

 The trees are parallel.
 Riley's ears are parallel.
Anthony's arms are parallel.

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  1. What a great lesson! Now that's FUN math! And I will be stealing this idea because we are going to be studying shapes and lines in the next couple of days.